Our Team

Lisa Debo

Estate Planning Legal Assistant

Email: ldebo@walkerlambe.com

Lisa joined Walker Lambe in August 2015 as a legal assistant in the estate planning practice. She has five years… read more

Demetrius Edwards

Administrative Assistant

Email: dedwards@walkerlambe.com

Demetrius joined Walker Lambe in January 2018, he greatly assists with any and all administrative work. He received his Bachelor… read more

Kaye Hare

Estate Administration Paralegal

Email: khare@walkerlambe.com

Kaye H. Summers joined Walker Lambe in December, 2014 and works in the area of Estate Administration. Kaye has worked… read more

Chris Jones

Estate Planning Legal Assistant

Email: cjones@walkerlambe.com

Chris Jones has been in the Durham area and with the Walker Lambe team since the fall of 2014. He… read more

Memori Morse

Legal Assistant

Email: mmorse@walkerlambe.com

Memori Morse joined Walker Lambe in June 2016 as a legal assistant in the estate planning department.  Memori also assists… read more

Jennifer Rigsbee

Estate Planning Legal Assistant

Email: jrigsbee@walkerlambe.com

Jennifer Rigsbee joined Walker Lambe as the Receptionist in September of 2012 and transitioned into an Estate Planning Legal Assistant’s… read more

Ashley Russell

Business Law Paralegal

Email: arussell@walkerlambe.com

Ashley joined the Walker Lambe team in March 2017 as the Business Department Legal Assistant. Originally from Winston-Salem, she moved… read more

Bob Slentz-Kesler

Database Administrator

Email: bkesler@walkerlambe.com

Bob brings experience in library and information management to his role as Walker Lambe’s Database Administrator. In his former careers,… read more

Lindsey Saunders

Business Law Legal Assistant

Email: lsaunders@walkerlambe.com

Lindsey joined Walker Lambe as an Administrative Assistant in September 2017 and transitioned into a Business Department Legal Assistant where… read more

Ann Walters

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Email: awalters@walkerlambe.com

Ann Walters joined the Walker Lambe Team in Fall 2016 to help keep us organized and working as an efficient… read more

Michelle White

Johnston County - Estate Planning Legal Assistant

Email: mwhite@walkerlambe.com

Michelle was hired as a Legal Assistant for the Johnston County office in August 2014 in the estate planning department.… read more

Anna Cates Williams

Executive Director

Email: awilliams@walkerlambe.com

Anna is Executive Director of the law firm.  She began her career practicing law in Nashville, Tennessee, where she was… read more

Julia Bartz

Litigation Paralegal

Email: jbartz@walkerlambe.com

Julia joined the Walker Lambe team in March 2018 as the Litigation Paralegal. She attended Marquette University, where she earned… read more

Kristen Lasley

Marketing Assistant

Email: klasley@walkerlambe.com

Kristen is graduating Meredith College in May and joined the Walker Lambe team in March 2018. She has a specialized… read more


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