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The holidays are a time to relax and celebrate the past year’s achievements.  Our nation was built on hard work, investment, and the optimism that motivated both.  As estate planning attorneys we spend our days talking with people about their legacies.  Recently, we are hearing a subtext running through these conversations of pessimism rooted in concern that our grandchildren may not be as financially secure as we are.  It does not have to be that way!  This year, enjoy the time off on holidays, celebrate the people who have made America what it is today, and give a little thought to how we can make sure that future generations will have the same opportunities we have enjoyed.

This year, Walker Lambe is posting weekly about what it means to have your estate plan in order while combating misconceptions that can lead to this undercurrent of pessimism. Get excited, 2017 is an EYE-OPENING year.

Myth 1: Estate Law Stays the Same
Myth 2: Disagreements in Estate Planning… Do I Have a Voice?
Myth 3: Incapacity Planning is Seasonal
Myth 4: Estate Plans are Dependent on Age
Myth 5: The Myth of Special Needs Savings
Myth 6: Special Needs Individuals Can’t Create Their Own Plan
Myth 7: My Kids Will Never Grow Up – A Blog on Graduation
Myth 8: I Can Piece the Estate Planning Puzzle Together Alone
Myth 9: Can’t I Simply Gift my Property to My Kids (Or Other Beneficiaries?)
Myth 10: I Have a Will, Isn’t That Enough?
Myth 11: General Powers of Attorney Are Simple – An Open Note from our Litigation Attorney
Myth 12: Joint Ownership is the Easiest Way to Plan Your Finances
Myth 13: I Don’t Have Any Children, Who Will Take Care of My Pets?

Litigation Blog: Born Out of Wedlock, Locked Out of the Courthouse


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